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Montessori Activities

DVD Presentation of Activities in EPL, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics & Culture


CERDS brings you detailed and easy to understand, visual presentations of Montessori tools in compact DVD. We have on sale a detailed presentation of all the activities of the first year of Montessori in DVD format.

All you need to do is to insert the DVD into any DVD Player and watch an experienced montessorians presenting the various montessori tools to children in a Montessori environment. The DVD contains step by step instructions on how each montessori tool is to be presented to the child. Several activities can be done with each of the tools. We have tried to included most of the activities for the first year of montessori ( 2.8yrs to 3.8yrs)

View the directress presenting exercises from the five areas of curriculum:

  • Exercises of practical life
  • Sensorial activities
  • Arithmetic activities
  • Language activities
  • Cultural activities
Montessori DVD
Montessori Teachers Guides.
Price:  Rs.1000/-(India)
USD $55/- (for shipping outside India)


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USD $55
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Available at:

Centre for Educational Research & Developmental Studies, (CERDS)
2nd Floor, Sharon Buildings,
K.K Road, Kottayam, 686004. Kerala, India
Ph: 91-9387304652


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