Montessori Shopping Mall,Montessori Shop,Montessori Mall,Montessori Equipment. Cerds Shopping Mall,Montessori Shop,Montessori Shop,Montessori Mall,Montessori Equipment.
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  Montessori Tools,Montessori Shop,Montessori Mall,Montessori Equipment.  
This is a ONE STOP SHOP for Montessori materials, Montessori apparatus, teaching aids & learning aids, Montessori reference books, Montessori furniture, video’s, posters etc.

Find cost effective, good quality material made to precise specifications that Dr. Maria Montessori had conceived.
Materials are supplied worldwide.

So go ahead - Send us your order list now and receive a obligation- free cost appraisal from us!

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Montessori Resources.


Montessori Resources.


Montessori Tools.


Montessori Tools.
Montessori Tools.
Montessori Tools.



Montessori Tools.

Here the prospective buyer has the option to place his order and payment by choosing the ‘Buy Now’ button. After choosing all the items that are intended to be purchased the buyer can proceed to the payment page. Payments could be made by using the credit card or internet banking facility. Courier charges will be calculated from our end, based on the weight of the items ordered and the country or place of destination. Separate online invoice will be raised for courier charges and provided to the buyer’s email id, to facilitate online payment.

Montessori Shopping Mall by Cerds.