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Montessori Hand Book For Teachers And Parents

K.J.Thomas, M.A.; M.Ed.

Reading all the twenty text books written by Dr.Maria Montessori is a laborious task. Even reading any one of her books can be difficult because her style of writing is often laboured and repetitive. All the books were originally written in Italian and later others have translated them. Teacher Trainees, Montessori Teachers and parents can become imbued with the spirit of Montessori and realise the magnitude of her vision only by reading her own books. Among her books, the following three are the best.

1. The Discovery of the Child.
2. The Secret of Childhood.
3. The absolute Mind.

However, to make matters easy and practical, the Author has put everything in a nut-shell, for quick comprehension and feasible application.
Montessori Handbook is a Compressive Guide to all Montessorians. It gives an insight into Dr: Maria Montessoi’s Life and Works, her Philosophy and Methodology, Child Psychology, Modern Trends in Education, 1001 Details and Tips for Organising a Montessori House of Children anywhere. It contains over thousand Exercises of Practical Life (EPL) and Sensorial Activities, Rhymes and Stories for Children of 2 ½ to 6 years. A thorough study and Practice of this Book is bound to make your Child a V.I.P. and the Indian Nation one of the Advanced Countries by 2020, as President Abdul Kalam says.
“Ask Not : What can the country do for me?
Ask: What can I do for my country” – J.F. Kennedy.
Montessori Handbook
Montessori Teachers Guides.
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  Montessori Handbook for parents and teachers :


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Saturday 24 March 2007 - 5:14pm


I am a Montessori student following the MTP of US course, and i ordered your handbook which i received promptly and was a great help to me in my assignments. I simply want to say a very big "Thank you" to you and best wishes in your future endeavours. Thank you

Mihiri Santiago from the state of Qatar


July 21, 2006

Hello CERDS,

That was super-quick. I am amaized that Mont.Handbook was delivered, at my doorstep, in no time. I am really thrilled. I leafed through some of the contents of the book & was delighted with the matter in it. It does seem to be wonderful. I have a very busy week ahead but I do intend to read it in bits & parts over the week. Will let you know my feedback. Thank you.

Warm regards


Montessori Teacher Trainees Guides.