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Who may do this course?

Parents: This course helps parents understand the natural laws of growth and self construction in a child. Thus as a parent, you can help the child to grow to his utmost potential , and not unwittingly hamper the path of nature and create unintended deviations in your child.
For those who want to work with children: This course is highly recommended for young people interested in helping small children. It is also of great value for future parenthood. Our students work for a teaching diploma examination and at the same time, they are helped to attain a higher standard of education themselves with the help of written and practical work. On completion of the course, one could find suitable jobs in Montessori environments.

This course is recommended to all experienced teachers of young children who wish to gain insight into the best way to individualize their teaching curriculum, so that children of mixed abilities may work at their own pace. Teachers should consider this course as an up-gradation, and could implement the Montessori methodology in the conventional schools.
"Discipline, the first result
of an order establishing itself
within, is the principal phenomenon
to be looked for as the 'external
sign' of an internal process that
has been initiated."

- Spontaneous Activity in Education
People wishing to help handicapped children: The course covers in detail the needs of the handicapped child. The entire course will benefit immensely anyone wishing to teach handicapped children and will enable such children to be integrated into the classrooms in preparation for life in the community.
Students wishing to start their own Montessori School: As well as giving all the benefits described above, the course includes a lesson on setting up a Montessori classroom or a Montessori School. Our team will give advice to any students who have successfully completed the course and who wish to start their own pre-school. We can advise on the location of premises/teachers/equipment, enrolling new pupils, etc.

Our student's qualifications range from senior secondary school to Post graduate level. This course is also suited for ladies, who want to teach their own siblings, if they don't want to send them to school up to 5 years of age. Also Heads of convents and reputed schools recommend our course. We have on our rolls, students from the families of Personnel of the three wings of the Armed Forces of India. Most of our students undergoing the course are currently serving in schools. Students come from a wide variety of cultures; backgrounds and age groups to attend the program. From students taking a gap year before entering university, to people in their twenties and thirties wishing to embark upon a career change to Montessori education; from parents with young or older children to grandparents interested in finding out about how the Montessori Method can help their grandchildren. Some already possess advanced qualifications such as first or higher degrees or are qualified nursery nurses; others have little in the way of formal qualifications but have much to contribute from personal experience either with their own children or from experience in the classroom. We welcome and have trained male as well as female students for pre school education. Candidates who are aged 18-21 years normally required to successfully complete 'A' levels or its equivalent (e.g. Senior Secondary School Leaving Certificate, International Baccalaureate or GNVQ 3). To enroll for the program you are required to download and print the application form from our website, print it at your end then fill the form, attach your photo, photocopy of your credentials and the course fee. You may forward all these to:


Centre for Educational Research & Developmental Studies, (CERDS)
1st Floor, # 23 Hariprem Buildings,
CMH Road, Indiranagar, Banglore, 560038. Karnataka, India




"Our task is to show the
way to discipline.
Discipline is born when
the child concentrates
his attention on some
objects that attracts him and
provides him not only with a
useful exercise but with a control
of error."

- The Absorbent Mind
You may also enroll today, pay the fee through your credit card and access the courseware online. In some exceptional cases, we have had students with lesser qualifications admitted to the course and successfully completing the program. Students without the minimum qualifications may be accepted, subject to their being able to demonstrate that they could cope successfully with the work.
Admission to Mature Students
Mature students, aged 22 years, and above are accepted on the basis of their personal qualities and experience. No specific examination passes are required. Persons with good knowledge of English language and love for children and enjoys the company of children are capable of doing the Montessori Training Program. If you would like to apply to this course under the mature students category, you are requested to sent the following to CERDS:

Your life sketch (details of your life story or cv)

A detailed statement from you on why you want to do a Montessori training program, highlighting your strong points. This should be written in English language and should be in your own words.

Work experience certificate (if any) from your previous employers.
The Academic Council will analyze your various activities in the past and determine your ability to do the course. You will get intimation from Council within two weeks from the time of your application. To be considered as a mature student or as a student without the minimum qualification you may email us

Montessori Admissions Eligibility Criteria.