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        The Governing Council

Mr. K.J. Thomas, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., Dip. in Early Childhood Education.

Mr. Thomas, our founder, is an outstanding educationist whose achievements are an eloquent testimony to his unwavering devotion to the highest principles of educational philosophy and human values. A profound scholar, his short stories and informative articles are widely read and acclaimed. Regarded with reverence by students and teachers, Mr. Thomas has been hailed as an ideal teacher, powerful motivator and an excellent speaker. He has authored over 30 books and publications. His career in education spans over 40 years. He has taught from preschool to high schools in India, Africa, and the United States of America (USA). He has visited many Educational Institutions and Universities, Higher Secondary School and Montessori Schools in Europe and North America.



He has acquired International Experience in Education and Employment during his teaching tenure in Nigeria and USA. Mr. Thomas conducts the classes on Child Psychology,Life and work of Dr.Maria Montessori and Organization & Administration of a Montessori School at CERDS.


Mrs. Gracy Kuriakose
, B.Sc. B.Ed.

As an outstanding administrator, and a member of the governing council, Ms. Kuriakose supervises the smooth functioning of various systems at CERDS. She has valuable experience in school administration and teaching in various states of Nigeria and India. She is a widely read person, and is able to contribute knowledgably to various managerial aspects.

"The teacher, when she begins
work in our schools, must have a
kind of faith that the child will reveal
himself through work. She must free
herself from all preconceived ideas
concerning the levels at which
the children may be."

- The Absorbent Mind



Mrs. Julie James,B.Sc., AMM (NIFT), Dip. in Montessori,

Ms. James is responsible for continuous up-gradation of the training and the course content. The quality of the montessori course materials is maintained under her guidence . Ms. James has great love for children and is an active supporter of the cause of the under privileged children.



Mr. Vinny Thomas, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Mr. Thomas is a man of vision, who redefines the boundaries of excellence and growth at CERDS. He has successfully run many educational institutions, provided training, educational courses and online programs. He is a member of AMI. Membership No:10812. It is his endeavor to offer specialized services to students who want to secure professional qualification & prepare students for the teaching profession. Mr. Thomas is in charge of the management of CERDS.



Mr. K.J. Sebastian has over 25 years of administrative management and early childhood education experience. He under went Montessori training under Mr. Joosten, who was the direct disciple of Dr. Maria Montessori in India. After completing his training in Ahmadabad, during the 1973 batch, he worked in several Montessori Houses and was instrumental in setting up several Montessori across the northern states of India.

After completing his training in Ahmadabad, during the 1973 batch, he worked in several Montessori Houses and was instrumental in setting up several Montessori across the northern states of India. He is a true montessorian, and has propagated the messages of Maria Montessori in several states of India. He has been involved in several child development projects under the Government of India. He is happily married and blessed with three children. He is the director of training at CERDS. Mr. Sebastian conducts the classes on the Montessori Phylosophy at CERDS.




"The first thing required
of a teacher is that he be
rightly disposed for his task."

- The Secret of Childhood


Mrs. Thresiamma Thomas also took the AMI Montessori Diploma course under the guidance of Mr. Albert M. Joosten during the 1968 batch in Ranchi. She has 30 years of teaching and administrative experience in several Montessori Environments, preschools and colleges. She has retired from FACT Montessori School in Cochin. Ms. Thresiamma conducts the classes on the Montessori Methodology. She is actively involved in the online program for preschool teachers, developing reading materials for the educational courses at CERDS.
      Prof. M.G. Jomon, B.A.,M.S.W,Ph.D(XLRI)
Human Resource Guru of South Asia
Xavier Labour Research Institute
Jamshedpur, Tata Nagar, India
"The teacher's skill in not
interfering comes with practice,
like everything else, but it
never comes easily. It means
rising to spiritual heights.
True sprituality realizes that even
to help can be a source of pride."

- The Absorbent Mind
      Mr.John Herman, B.A., B.Th
Trainer & Alternative Thinker
Morning Star School of Thought,
Gudalur, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr. Thayalan Tiburtious, M.B.B.S.,MD.
Child Psychatric Specialist & Practitoner

Advent Medical Services (UK) Limited, Wembly, London, UK

      Mar. (Dr.) Mathew Moolakat
Arch Bishop of Kottayam, The Catholic Diocese of Kottayam, Kottayam, Kerala, India
      Dr. K.J. Mathew,
Family Medicine Specilist & Practitioner,
Springs, Johanesburgh, South Africa

Mr. J Thomas , M.H.M.
Consultant & Management Guru,
Vantom Recruitment & Consultancy,
84-Stokes Drive, Leicester, LE3 9BS, UK