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Welcome to the pre-school education division of the Centre for Educational Research and Developmental Studies!

Centre for Educational Research & Developmental Studies, (CERDS) is an organization, established to help meet the growing demand for Montessori teachers in India and abroad. Students from all states of India, Gulf countries, North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Far East participate in various courses offered by CERDS. This course equips participants to educate children in the Montessori method, at the pre school level (3 to 6 years of age) anywhere in the world.
Centre for Educational Research & Developmental Studies, has been operating as an independent organization since 1999. The founder director, Mr. K.J. Thomas, has been involved in Montessori training for over fifteen years and has had extensive experience in state schools, Special Education Schools and in teacher training. Courses are all taught by Montessori trained graduates with personal teaching experience. In the field of distance learning, we have a skilled team, with great experience who can back up local tutors, worldwide and guarantee to give fast, efficient service to students, wherever they may be. We have facilities for supplying Montessori apparatus, teaching aids and Montessori educational books. We also assist in getting membership and registrations with Montessori Societies and Associations throughout the world.


"We must be taught and we must be
willing to accept guidance if we wish
to become effective teachers."
   - The Secret of Childhood


Many ex-students are now either teaching in local Montessori Schools or have set up successful Montessori Houses of their own. Few fail to find employment at the end of the course (although, of course, we cannot guarantee employment or career advancement). Past students are now teaching in various parts of Europe, and as far as Hong-Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Malaysia, USA, Australia and South Africa. Other ex-students have found positions as teachers in the kindergarten/nursery departments of several Independent Preparatory Schools. Yet others are working with children with special educational needs.


To spread awareness about Montessori Philosophies and Methodology to all corners of the world. To instill in every teacher, the light of the Montessori guiding spirit. To work towards betterment of Mankind.


To let the Child BE.



"...a teacher should never forget
that he is a teacher and
that his mission is one of education."

- The Secret of Childhood


To constantly improvise , research and upgrade our services.

To provide student friendly curriculum and teaching methods.

To reach out to the students through latest technology, keeping with the fast changing world around us.

To provide complete support solutions to all our students.

Spread the belief in the Montessori ideology and practices.

Adhere to the philosophies of Dr. Montessori in all we do.